Sunday, May 4, 2014


My name is Benny Chan, Chinese, in my 30s. I am currently working and living in Boston, United States. In late 2009, I traveled in South America for 2 months on my own, I visited most of Peru, part of Chile and Easter Island. Four and a half years later in Spring 2014, I have done another solo trip to South America, this time I have visited Argentina and part of Uruguay. For an Asian man who does not really speak much Spanish, my two trips to South America have been some of the best and most memorable trips I have ever had. During both trips, I started this journey log about what I did, where I went, and how I felt every day, with photos and commentary about places. Possibly this may help other travelers making trips to similar route, I don't know. But selfishly and more importantly, I think what I have written here will forever be a good memory for myself. Many years later, when I will look back, I would be still amazed how I made it happen. After this Argentina trip, I am quite sure that there will be more trips to South America, there are still a lot of things I have not seen yet, The Amazons, the Angels Falls, the Galapagos Islands...etc. Who knows, this travel blog may continue to grow for a long time. We'll see. For now, if you are interested to follow what I have done. Here is a quick guide:

Part 1: Two months in Peru, Chile and Easter Island

Part 2: Two weeks in Argentina and Uruguay